Going to Court can be overwhelming. We can help.

Adult Criminal Court

The Adult Criminal Division of the Provincial Court deals with the large majority of all criminal charges laid in the province of Saskatchewan.  

Civil Court

The Court of Queen’s Bench has the jurisdiction to hear any civil law matter.  Disputes with a value under $30,000 are typically handled in Small Claims Court

Domestic Violence Court

 The Domestic Violence Court (DVC) is a therapeutic court that addresses domestic violence and offers the Domestic Violence Court Treatment Option. 

Family Court

The Court of Queen's Bench deals with all family law matters in Regina including separation and divorce, custody and access, child or spousal support and variations.

Regina Drug Treatment Court

 Regina Drug Treatment Court (DTC) is a therapeutic court that addresses drug addiction as an underlying cause of criminal activity.  

Youth Court

 Canada’s laws apply to everyone, including young people. However, young people are treated differently than adults when they commit a crime.